Surfworx Pro-Line Code Hybrid Soft Surfboard 6ft 4 - Black

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  • Volume: Approx 54 litres
  • Ability:¬†Beginner
  • Rider:¬†Kid or Adult up to 90kg
  • Conditions:¬†Knee to head high waves
  • Construction:¬†Closed cell foam core/3 x wood stringers/HD PE Slick/HD EBS deck
  • Dimensions: 6ft 4 x 22.25" x 3.1875"
  • Fin System: Five¬†Fin (FCS twin tab compatible)
  • Fins included:¬†Yes
  • Colour: Black

The Surfworx Pro-line Code Hybrid soft surfboard is a new addition to the Surfworx range that provides quality and versatility. Part of the latest version of Surfworx's unrivalled construction, this board is made with a High Density Dynamic Closed Cell foam Core, making it lightweight and resistant to water damage.

Designed with 3 double resin coated, laminated wooden stringers, the board maintains its shape and performs like a high quality "hard" surfboard. With an integrated mesh membrane and High Density deck skin, this board is both durable and long-lasting. Compatible with FCS twin tab fins, the board can be ridden as a quad or 3-fin thruster.

Suitable for all ages and abilities, from beginners to intermediate surfers, the Code Hybrid is comparable to top end foamies but at a fraction of the cost. Its wide nose and tail, along with a flat rocker, make it perfect for catching waves and providing stability while riding. Bob G

The Surfworx Pro-line Code has a great five fin set (you can ride as a quad or 3 fin thruster, never all five!!) which is a real step-up from the normal 'push through the deck' soft fins normally supplied on foamies and this five-fin system is compatible with FCS twin tab fins so you can upgrade or utilize your own fins should you wish to experiment with different set-ups etc.

The Pro-line Code is a brilliant option for a broad range of ages and abilities, from kids at the beginning of their surfing adventure to intermediate guys and girls looking for a fun small wave board to enjoy some shorebreak action. This board is easily comparable to top end Softech or Catch Surf foamies but at a fraction of the price.

The Code Hybrid is the perfect shape, wide in the nose and tail with a nice flat rocker so perfect for catching plenty of waves and nice and stable once you're up and riding.

Bob Gnarly Surf are super-excited about this Surfworx range of soft deck surfboards which has a board for anybody whether you're a kid new to surfing or an adult looking for a fun surfboard to improve your skills.