Surf Ponchos & Changing Robes

Surf ponchos and changing robes have revolutionized the process of changing in cold outdoor temperatures. The demand for these non-existent surf accessories has been driven by the surfing world, with dryrobe leading the way.

After a winter surf, you can easily warm up and dry off by slipping on a comfortable poncho or robe, regardless of the weather. While it may seem clich├ę, only those who have tried it can truly appreciate the convenience of a changing robe.

These robes are perfect for any athletic event, whether you need to warm up, change, or simply stay cozy while watching.

There are two types of surf ponchos: lightweight terry cloth robes, perfect for hot climates and quick changes or sun protection for kids, and heavy duty changing robes (like the Dryrobe or Sola Changing Coat) with a waterproof and windproof exterior and moisture-wicking fleece for a more durable option.