The surfboard leash, also known as a leg rope, is a durable urethane cord that securely attaches a surfer's board to their ankle or calf. The leash is connected to a leash plug on the tail of the board with a strong velcro strap. Originating in the 1970s, it was initially met with skepticism from closed-minded surfers at Raglan, New Zealand.

However, as its benefits became clear, the surfboard leash quickly gained widespread acceptance. It is now available in a variety of colors, styles, and designs to suit different wave conditions and board sizes.

When purchasing a leash, be sure to choose one made of urethane with precision fittings and a rail saver for ultimate durability. Installing a leash is simple - thread the rope through the plug and secure it with the velcro strap.

As one seasoned Australian surfer wisely advises, make sure to clamp the knot into the velcro to keep the leash securely attached to the board and prevent any unwelcome surprises