Mens 3mm Full Length Wetsuit

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Osprey Mens Wetsuit Sizing (Guide only)
Size Height cm (ft/in ") Chest cm (in ")
XS - Extra Small 160 to 166cm (5'3" - 5' 5.5") 84-86cm (33-34in)
S - Small 167 to 173cm (5'6" - 5'8") 89-91cm (35-36")
ST - Small Tall 174 to 180cm (5'8" - 5'11") 89-91cm (35-36")
M - Medium 174 to 180cm (5'8" - 5'11") 93-94cm (36.5"-37")
MT - Medium Tall 180 to 185cm (5'11" - 6'1") 93-94cm (36.5"-37")
L - Large 180 to 185cm (5'11" - 6'1") 95-96cm (37.5"-38")
LT - Large Tall 186 to 190cm (6'1" - 6'3") 95-96cm (37.5"-38")
XL - Extra Large 186 to 190cm (6'1" - 6'3") 98-99cm (38.5"-39")
XXL - 2 x Extra Large 186 to 190cm (6'1" - 6'3") 102-107cm (40-42")
XXXL - 3 x Extra Large 186 to 190cm (6'1" - 6'3") 108-112cm (42.5"-44")


  • Mens Full Length Osprey Origin Wetsuit
  • Tough and durable full length back zip - making it very easy to get on and off
  • Wind-proof chest and back panel keeps your warmer for longer and helps maintain your body's core temperature
  • Anti-Rub neck, wrist and ankle openings reduce the chance of rubbing which can lead to painful rashes
  • Clever, ergonomically tested panel design allows for maximum comfort and flexibility

Comfort is a necessity, and it's something that Osprey's summer wetsuits have at the forefront of their design. An ergonomic panel design provides the steamer wetsuit with the snuggest of fits whilst anti-rub openings on areas including the wrists, ankles and neck reduce the risk of rashes and abrasions. Rubberised knee pads safeguard from sores and lengthen the life of the suit whilst a tough and durable full-length back zip ensures that the full body wetsuit is easy to change in and out of.

To retain flexibility and body warmth in the water, the full sleeve wetsuit is made from very flexible and durable neoprene integrated with Ultra-Flex technology and a wind-proof chest panel. Further protection is offered by a velcro collar section which keeps the long wetsuit watertight and prevents neck rub.

With updated Osprey logos on the chest and left arm, the Osprey Origin Wetsuit has been specially designed to look as great as it fits. Also makes a fantastic sailing, diving, snorkelling or kayaking wetsuit.


  • Tough and durable full length back zip
  • Ergonomically tested panel design
  • Wind-proof chest and back panel
  • Anti-Rub neck, wrist and ankle openings
  • Ultra-flex material for improved comfort and fit
  • Velcro collar section
  • Rubberised knee protectors (full-length suits only)
  • Built in key-loop behind the neck
  • Updated graphics and logos complete the look