Beginner Surfboards

When you're starting out surfing, the choice of boards can be bewildering. If your budget will stretch it is worth buying a good quality foamie (soft board) board to get you going. There are so many' super cheap' boards available from high street stores and it may be tempting to buy one.

However, there is good reason these boards are so cheap. They are poorly manufactured, they are flimsy, and will not take you beyond catching a handful of waves at the very beginning. Once you've cracked your pop up (standing up) these budget boards will not take your surfing any further than absolute beginner level.

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding foam surfboards is why some are more expensive than others - it’s a simple answer, the more you spend the better the product you get. The higher priced soft boards use better materials - denser foam, a thicker base on the bottom of the board and then a single or series of stringers running the full length of the board. All these features aim to make the board stiffer and more responsive. 

At Bob Gnarly Surf Shop we have compiled a range of boards from a hand picked list of board companies. These boards are superior quality beginners boards that you can keep in your quiver far beyond the beginners stage and present epic value for money!