Sticky Bumps

Sticky Bumps Cold Water Surf Wax

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  • 1 block of Sticky Bumps wax


  • Sticky Bumps Original Surf Wax
  • Original Blueberry scent
  • Non-toxic, biodegradable, all-natural

Temperature guide: 

  • Tropic: 24°C and above
  • Warm: 17-24°C
  • Cool: 14-19°C
  • Cold: 15°C and below

    Sticky bumps are one of the leaders in the global wax market and has been making surf wax since 1971. They make over 4 million bars annually and do so with no waste in the process. Famous for the unique scent the bars produce, Sticky bumps is used all over the world and is extremely well loved.

    The Original temperature specific range was the first traction added wax that broke away from the use of paraffin-based surf wax. Its easy to apply and long lasting.