Next Noserider EPS Surfboard (Purple)

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A traditional nose riding long board with low entry rocker and full outline.

It glides effortlessly in small surf and can be ridden on the nose for those that want to.

It has a fast midsection and slightly pulled in tail with enough release for those that want progressive surfing maintaining a fast and loose with lots of style.


  • 9'2" | 23" | 3" | 75.6L


  • Performer outline
  • Low entry¬† rocker and medium tail rocker
  • Concave in the nose to rolled vee in the tail
  • 50/50 rail
  • Longboard fin
  • Tail: Square¬†
  • Fins: Single
  • Fins Included: Yes
  • Dimensions:¬†9'2"¬† | 23" |¬† 3" | 75.6L