Next Dead Fish EPS Surfboard Grey

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  • 5'10" | 20 7/8" | 2 3/8" | 34.1L
  • 6'0" | 21 1/8" | 2 7/16" | 35.7L
  • 6'2" | 21 3/8" | 3 5/8" | 40.4L


  • Wide outline
  • Medium low rocker
  • Single to double concave with V
  • Tri/Quad fin option
  • Ride 6-8″ shorter and the same volume as your favourite board
  • Full rail
  • Tail: Swallow
  • Fins: 5 Fin Futures
  • Fins Included: Yes

This is our take on the classic summer fish. Wide outline, full rails, medium low rocker, single to double concave with V out the back.

It is easy to paddle, easy to catch waves is fast and fun in a variety of summer waves. Comes with a 5-fin set up for maximum versatility, quad for speed, thruster for turns or twin for the classic ‘twinny’ feel.

Suits all abilities in lots of wave types waist to slightly over head, mushy or steep, you name this board will ride it!


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