Helix 36" Cruiser Longboard

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Presenting a double dose of longboard brilliance. As well as featuring a pin tail design, for reduced wheel bite and increased carving power, the Osprey Helix Rounded Cruiser looks hotter than a bath in boiling bowl of gumbo.
The cruiser longboards deck has been made out of 7ply Canadian maple which is extremely durable and handles a lot of weight on the turn. A particularly cool feature of the cruising longboard is the black grip tape. Not only does the grip tape allow far greater control of the longboard skateboard but it has also been embossed with an eye-catching swirl design, enabling the stunning maple finish to show through. The underside of the deck is decorated with a stunning shade of blue and features symmetrical woven lines and Ospreys unmistakable crest of a skateboard wheel with wings. Quite fitting, really, because this is one fly board!
The tough aluminium base and trucks are attached to quality PU cast wheels which are coloured blue and emblazoned with Osprey prints. Sandwiched between the deck and the hardwearing base and trucks are quality PU cushions which improve the pintail longboards manoeuvrability and response on the turn. The PU cast wheels also utilise ABEC-7 chrome bearings which reduce friction for a smoother and impressively quicker ride.
The Osprey Helix Rounded Pin Tail Cruiser is a superb longboard package for people seeking high carving power and amazing cruising speeds. Were talking a high-spec cruiser packed with features that perform and decorations that look the part .
Osprey Helix Rounded Pin Tail Cruiser technical information:
  • 7ply 36in x 9in Canadian maple deck
  • Concave longboard design
  • Black grip tape
  • 5in aluminium trucks and base
  • 12mm risers
  • 65mm x 51mm PU cast wheels
  • PU cushions
  • ABEC-7 chrome bearings
  • Funky print on base and wheels
  • A great board for cruising