Solarez Epoxy Surfboard Mini Travel Ding Repair Kit

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Please note: For Epoxy surfboards only

This essential compact Surfboard Repair Kit from Solarez is the perfect travelling companion, and includes sun-curing resin and foam filler.

This product contains a blend of transparent, durable, and fiber-enhanced epoxy resin, along with a sun-activated catalyst. The mixture does not need to be prepared beforehand and can be applied directly from the tube. Once exposed to sunlight, it solidifies in just 5 seconds and fully hardens within 3 minutes.

Ideal for fixing any damage and dings to your surfboard. 

  • 0.5 oz tube of Solarez Epoxy fiberfill putty
  • No mixing necessary. UV curing assues complete hardening
  • Provides complete crosslinking
  • Remarkably tough and resilient
  • Contains urethanes that prevent yellowing
  • ECO-Friendly ZERO vapors, non-flammable
  • Comes with 60/240 grit sand pad
  • in a crush-proof watertight plastic capsule