Futures SB1 Thermotech Side Bite Fins Small White

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The Futures SB1 Sidebite fin set will add stability and even a little drive to your longboard or mid length. The SB1's will massively improve hold in steeper, bigger waves and are a must-have for any surfboard with a 2+1 fin set-up, improving hold along the face of the wave and increasing drive and projection out of your bottom turn.

The Futures SB1 fins are made from Futures dependable and brilliantly priced Thermotech construction. Thermotech fins don't have the cheap and horrible plastic feel of a composite fin, they have a consistent flex that creates drive and release through turns.

Thermotech fins come with the Futures Truss Base, making them lighter and stronger.

  • Name:¬†The Futures SB1 Side Bite fin set
  • Construction:¬†Thermotech
  • Size:¬†Small (Any rider)
  • Fin Height¬†3.57"
  • Fin Base¬†3.91
  • Fin Area¬†10.77"
  • Foil:¬†Flat
  • Colour:¬†White


Side Fins
Area 10.77
Height 3.57
Base 3.91


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