Futures Pyzel Bobcat Twin Fin

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“I’m super stoked about these new fins! The Bobcat Twin is a design collaboration I did with the twin fin wizard Bob Hurley. I wanted to build a true performance twin fin that would complement the fluidity and performance of the Wildcat while still maintaining versatility for other twin fin models.

The template is designed for maximum drive and hold while still offering release off the top. It’s meant to be ridden as a true twin fin with no trailer to slow you down.

The Bobcat twin’s fibreglass material combined with added height gives this fin speed control while maintaining drive. Its thinner tip offers release and spring off the top.

Great for a medium-large surfer or someone looking for a little more grip in their twin. Made for the Pyzel Wildcat or your favourite twin fin.”

– Jon Pyzel

  • Template Category – Neutral (all-around | versatile)
  • Construction – Fiberglass
Dimensions Side Fins
Area 21.73
Height 5.52
Base 5.25
Angle 4.0


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