Carver 6.5" C2.4 Single Truck

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We’ve been busy making improvements to all our trucks, and this staple of the line is no exception. This SKP (Standard King Pin) style of truck is the rear truck to both our CX and C7 front trucks. We focused on its performance as a smooth-turning rear pivot that coordinates with the more radical turning of the front by matching rail range but reducing turn rate. This makes it an ideal stable pivot to rely on under your back foot while you pump the board. We tested many geometries and found that most trucks designed to function well as pairs need to have some pumping properties to feel good when ridden together, but since our front trucks are already the dynamic engine of the pair it was actually necessary to moderate the performance of the rear truck.

When you push into the tail you don’t want to feel too much turn, as that results in tail drift. You also don’t want it to dig into a turn, as you are relying on that rear pivot for stability. During our testing we also learned that besides the wheel formula, truck geometry is an important part of grip and traction. So we designed the performance of the new C2 to allow you to push hard into the tail and have the wheels bite into the pavement without any of the subtle chatter that results in traction break.

These were not properties we theorized, but were purely the result of extensive experimentation and prototyping. We got what we wanted by skating hard and taking notes. And what we got is a back truck that holds the ground in the deepest turns, feels solid underfoot and snaps back to center with exceptional rebound.


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