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Captain Fin Panda 5 Fin - Medium/Large (Futures)

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Template:Ā Balancedā€”designed for everyday beach breaks and pumping barrels.

Size:Recommended for Medium to Large Size Surfers - 140 lbs. to 200 lbs. + (63 kg. to 91 kg.)

Construction:Ā Honeycomb Construction

Flex:Ā Medium

Compatibility:Ā Futures (Single Tab)

TheĀ PandaĀ Five Fin Set (can be ridden as quads or thrusters) is aĀ medium sized fin set inspired by the classic EA template.Ā It's constructed in solid glass for a powerful connected feel thatā€™s a little stiffer than honeycomb, but is foiled out to give more flex in the tip. The upright template will suit a wide variety of wave types from pumping barrels to everyday beach break conditions and all-around fun. The set is designed to work in your favorite performance shortboard as a thruster giving it a solid balanced feel in any conditions while the 80/20 foil of the quad is for your small wave fun boards where a fast controlled quad set might be needed.

Panda 5 Fin

5 Fin Size Chart