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Captain Fin Co Chippa Wilson Chippa Wilson Slidey Boiz (Futures)

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Chippa Wilson Slidey Boiz (Single Tab)

A free thinker on and off the water, Chippa Wilson is one of the world's most progressive surfers with a creative mind not only for tricks but the boards he's riding. His collection is built for surfing a variety of modern styles, and most of all, having fun doing it.

His Slidey Boiz were built for taking any setupĀ and morphing it into some side-slipping good times. "Can't hold a finless line? These lil bites will work a treat," says Chippa. "Chuck em in your twin fin or what ever to unlock the best of timesā€” just enough drive to hold your line with the capability of sliding in control."


Construction:Ā Fiberglass

Flex:Ā Stiff

Compatibility:Ā Futures (Single Tab)

Fin Specification
Area 8.65"
Height 2.44"
Base 5"
Foil Flat