C-Monsta Split Wet Dry Wetsuit Kit Bag

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This bag holds it all together, wet or dry. The c-monsta split bag is a flat but massive two-compartment beast! It's got a dry section and a wet section, and the c-monsta fits right in with all your gear.

With a 70-liter capacity, it's perfect for your watersports adventures. And it's made from recycled fabric!

Plus, there are internal pockets for your wallet and phone, and you can carry it by hand or on your shoulder. Just cinch it closed with the straps and go.


  • dry section
  • wet section
  • c-monsta slips straight in with all your kit on it
  • packs flat
  • massive 70 litres capacity
  • hand or shoulder carry straps
  • cinch close straps
  • internal wallet/phone pockets
  • double fabric on the base
  • ideal beach bag
  • recycled fabric


  • Made from welded recycled 400D PVC

This is the new essential piece of kit that you will love for years to come.