VW 41" Skimboard Red

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Presenting the Official Licensed VW range right here on Bob Gnarly Surf! Quality 7 Ply Poplar Wood skimboard featuring exclusive classic designs from the VW crew.

Owning a VW Campervan and visiting the beach go hand in hand, so what better way to enjoy the thrill of gliding across the water's surface than with this official VW 41 Inch Wooden Skimmer Board?! Made from 7 ply poplar hardwood for a good blend of durability and lightness, its pintail cruiser shape is perfect for ideal for skim boarding on any of the UK's beaches.

Featuring a large hippie inspired 1950s Type 2 Camper Van celebrating 6 generations of the iconic VW Camper, the board's aqua, beige, blue and orange striped background is sure to turn heads every time you take it down to the beach!

Available in two other stylish and retro designs, the officially licensed Volkswagen Camper Skimboard is a fun packed board for skimming along the white-water when there is a distinct lack of surf. The wooden skimmer is ideal for pulling off tricks too, and its wood construction not only means it's durable, but lightweight too!

Skimboards were previously used by lifeguards as an easy way to get from one end of the beach to the other in a hurry. However over the years it has become much more prominent as an action sport. They can be used in the white-water or dropped into breaking beach waves to perform radical carves! So grab your board, head for the shallow and show off your style!

  • High quality 7ply Poplar Wood Skimmer Board
  • Iconic VW Campervan design, officially licensed by Volkswagen
  • Ideal for skimming along the water's edge or riding a beaking wave
  • Suitable for teenagers and adults
  • Size: 41in / 104cm long, 19in / 48cm wide