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Shapers Fins FPR Medium Thruster Set FCS Compatible

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Base Depth Foil Rake Area 






Fast. Pivotal. Reactive. Welcome to the F.P.R. Placed in the Pivot Fin Class, the F.P.R call for a vertical approach to surfing, therefore excellent for tight pocket surfing and well suited to beach breaks and barrels. However, the F.P.R is also a great option for longer rail boards due to their ability to loosen up the tail and allow the board to turn with ease.

The F.P.R is a good fin choice for flat to medium rocker boards, such as grovellers and a popular choice of side fins for Quads. Designed in Shapers¬ģ premium ultra-lite AIR LITE construction featuring a medium flex pattern.¬†

Who are 'Shapers Surf'

Shapers Surf is an Australian owned surf company that is at the very grassroots of the surf industry. For over 25 years Shapers has been arming surfboard manufacturers at home and around the globe with the tools, materials and new-age composites to make the highest level of performance surfboards possible. Shapers Surf is a product of our partnership with surfboard manufacturers and professional surfers around the world. Shapers is dedicated to helping the surf hardware industry progress with the continued research and development of products that are functional, performance based and relevant to all surfers, in all conditions.


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