Osprey 44" Stripe Bodyboard Red

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The Osprey 44" Bodyboards include 3 stylish designs and are packed with features. The large size and Crescent Tail shape offer plenty of hold on the wave and the forgiving XPE deck forgiving in the event of anything going wrong!

The Leash, which comes included, will also keep the board from going too far from the intended course. The printed deck will give tube enthusiasts and those looking to learn drop knee riding a stable platform, with the added durability of a sturdy EPS core.


  • STRIPE BODYBOARD: our bodyboard is designed for surfing and wave riding to give you the time of your life whilst catching the waves on a hot summers day!
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS: our boards are made from durable and superior materials for maximum stability and durability. This boogie board is covered with XPE deck for excellent impact resistance
  • DESIGN: the curved design helps to provide better grip and hold, making our bodyboarders safer in the deep ocean features lightweight EPS core, so the board has exceptional buoyancy for better body movement
  • SAFETY FEATURES: features an adjustable wrist leash to enhance safety and comfort during surfing. It will help to improve control and stability over the bodyboard
  • 44INCH BOARD: ideal for beginners and intermediate bodyboarders, making this an ideal gift for watersports enthusiast. Suitable for kids and adults