Futures Pukas AL Fibreglass Twin With Trailer

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The Pukas Twin is a collab between Futures and Pukas shaper Axel Lorentz.

Axel designed the twin fin with the Pukas Lady Twin model in mind, while the Twin plus trailer was intended for the Acid Plan surfboard that was featured in the Stab Electric Acid board test.

This large size twin-fin is a versatile option for multiple board designs and wave conditions. The fibreglass material combined with a broad base and tall height gives this fin maximum drive, while the thinner tip offers release off the top.

  • Size: X Large Base 4.60 Depth 5.14 Area 19.76 Trailer
  • Height: 3.74"
  • Trailer Base: 3.25"
  • Trailer Area: 9.18"
  • Construction: Fibreglass
  • Colour: Black/Clear