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Circle One Carbon Fibre Epoxy Skimboard Grey

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Circle One Carbon Skimboards harness the awesome properties of Carbon Fibre Technology combined with premium grade Epoxy Resin Laminate to create a true performance product unrivalled for its strength to weight ratio.

Circle One use top 'aerospace grade' 3k 220g/m3 Carbon Fibre providing superior rigidity and a smaller flex window giving the rider increased feedback and a hyper-responsive ride. Carbon fibre is about 3 times stiffer than steel and aluminium for a given weight which makes it an excellent material in the manufacture of a performance product.

Not only is the Carbon Skimboard a state of the art construction, they also look stunning. These boards will cover good distances at speed, perfect for wave riding in the shore break.  The Carbon Fibre range is well suited to the intermediate or advanced skimboarder looking for a superior board for wave riding and tricks.  Unsure of which board is right for you? - check out the 'Choosing the Right Skimboard' section below.

  • AEROSPACE GRADE 3k 220g/m3 CARBON FIBRE¬†across TOP (DECK) and SIDES (RAILS) for SUPERIOR Construction and REFINED ride
  • EPS¬†High Density Pressurised Foam Core
  • EPOXY¬†Resin Laminate for Lightness and Strength
  • HOT COAT¬†Durable Outer Shield Finish
  • UNIDIRECTIONAL¬†Full Length Wood Stringer for Strength and Controlled Flex
  • UNRIVALLED¬†Strength to Weight Ratio

All Circle One Surfboards and Skimboards are individually custom shaped, laminated and finished by humans to exacting standards - they are a premium product and constructed from the best materials available to the industry.  Circle One boards are NOT built from a mould or 'pop-out' which means they produce a product superior in durability and strength to weight ratio.

Board Specifications

BOARD DIMENSIONS (L x W x Thickness): Width is measured at widest point
  • 50" x 20.5" x 1" (127cm x 52 x 2.54)
  • 52" x 20.5" x 1" (132cm x 52 x 2.54)
  • 54" x 21.5" x 1" (137cm x 54.6 x 2.54)
  • 56" x 22" x 1" (142cm x 56 x 2.54)
  • SHAPER: Jeff Townsley
  • BOARD TYPE: Carbon Fibre Epoxy Skimboard
  • TAIL SHAPE: Round
  • RIDER WEIGHT: See 'Choosing Right Board' below
  • SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate to Advanced

Choosing the Right Skimboard

Choosing the right size skimboard can depend on a number of factors: weight, height, physical rider characteristics, experience level and whether you want to mainly pull tricks or ride a wave. The general rule is you need enough flotation to hold your weight and get you out to the deeper water of the shore break. 

We have put together a Skimboard Size Grid (below) which will help you choose the right board.