Alone Twinny EPS Surfboard

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  • 5'4" | 20 3/8” | 2 1/4” | 28.2L
  • 5'6" | 20 1/2" | 2 5/16" | 30.3L
  • 5'8" | 20 5/8" | 2 3/8" | 32.2L
  • 5'10" | 20 3/4" | 2 7/16" | 34.1L
  • 6'0" | 21 1/4" | 2 5/8" | 38.5L


  • Recommended user: Intermediate / Advanced
  • Suitable Wave: 1-6 ft
  • Ideal Spot: Beach breaks / Point Breaks / Reef Breaks
  • Tail: Deep Swallowtail
  • Fin Setup: Futures
  • Fins Included: No

Based off an old school fish but with a modern narrower tail and pulled in nose, the Twinny is a highly maneuverable and versatile fun board with heaps of drive suited to those smaller conditions but can still handle those slightly overhead days. The rocker is fairly relaxed with a low entry rocker upfront combined with a subtle tail rocker, giving this board quick ‘up and go’ from take-off and gives it full top-end speed potential.

The Twinny features a really flat bottom concave that runs down the centre all the way through the tail. Two channels run down each rail on either side of the centre panel, and transition from concave to flat to Vee while maintaining the deep single concave down the middle.

The overall effect of these design features, when combined with a keel fin set up, is a highly manoeuvrable and speedy board with tons of drive and takes the retro fish to a whole new performance level. The Twinny won’t replace your regular shortboard but it will definitely add another dimension to the way you surf as it is quick, nimble and allows you to draw out unique lines. Suitable for all abilities of surfer.