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Ocean & Earth Aircon Longboard Board Cover

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Want to take care of your favourite board? The Aircon board Cover by Ocean & Earth will protect your board! With shock-absorbing foam, three layers of protection and extra padding in the nose and tail you can rest easy knowing your board is safe. 
  • DAY / TRAVEL COVERS – 10mm
  • Unique to O&E. The world’s first compact ventilated board cover system. Ensures airflow to your board
  • XP EXTRA PROTECTION 25MM PADDED PANELS – Extra protection in high impact areas. Nose, Rails and Tail.
  • THREE LAYERS OF PROTECTION –  Top Layer: Armour Weave Polyester 2nd Layer: (inside) 10mm shock-absorbing foam 3rd Layer: Tarpee lining
  • HEAVY-DUTY ZIPPERS – Large, non-corrosive nylon zips
  • HANGING HOOK – All covers supplied with patented removable hanging hook
  • PROTECTIVE BOTTOM SIDE NOSE PIECE – Extra tough Armour Weave Polyester
  • SHOULDER STRAP – 20mm padded detachable strap. Stashes into pocket.
  • AIRCON VENTILATION – Prolongs the life of your board by creating a constant flow of air to keep your board cool.
  • EXPANDABLE TAIL GUSSET WITH AIRCON MESH – Accommodates boards with both fixed or removable fins. Open velcro gusset to allow for fins