Xcel 7mm Drylock Round Toe Wetsuit Boots

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 The Xcel Drylock 7mm round toe wetsuit boots are pretty much the warmest winter wetsuit boots you can buy as they are bursting with features to keep your feet warm in the cold winter months.

Engineered 3D Warmth and Comfort. This 3-dimensional boot contours the foot while minimizing excess bottom rubber to make for a true board feel. The Celliant Black with Channel Flex makes it warm and comfortable, the Drylock Cuff opening prevents flushing, the ergonomic strap keeps your heel in the pocket and pressure off your instep, and the heel strap makes for easy pull up.


  • Boot Type:¬†Round toe
  • Thickness:¬†7mm
  • Neoprene:¬†Channel Flex, a new lightweight gridded material, is now used in all of Xcel's high-end products. It's hydrophobic, very stretchy, and silky smooth to the touch.
  • Lining:¬†Celliant Black, the brand's premium cold-water lining, both generates and retains heat thanks to its smart-fibre, mineral-rich composition.
  • Strap:¬†Ergonomic strap design ensures snug fit without applying undue pressure.
  • Sole:¬†Single rubber bottom is durable without sacrificing board feel.
  • Seams:¬†Sealed externally with Taitex, and internally with taping.
  • Extra Tech:¬†The classic Drylock ankle seal, with its tapered entry, locks out water; 3D foot mould encourages contoured fit; pull-up ankle loop makes them much easier to get on.
  • Eco Credentials:¬†The standard water-based glues (no solvents), limestone neoprene (not exactly eco-friendly, but no petrochemicals), dope-dyed yarns (reduced energy and water consumption), and carbon black (an ingredient in neoprene) pyrolyzed from scrap rubber tyres.
  • Rough Temperature Guide:¬†7-13 ¬įC