Xcel 7mm Drylock Mitten Wetsuit Gloves

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If the Drylock is the most sophisticated wetsuits">wetsuit glove on the market, the 7mm mitt version is surely the warmest. Designed for low temperatures and severe winter conditions, these maximum-security gloves lock out icy cold water with an array of virtually impenetrable defences.

There's plenty going on inside the gloves too. Vasodilation is the technical term for widening the blood vessels, which is how the Celliant Black lining, via infrared technology activated by movement, is able to generate additional heat. Celliant is the active ingredient, but it's complemented by the heat-retention minerals that also feature in the textile, keeping your hands warmer for longer.


  • Wetsuit Glove Type: Mitt
  • Thickness: 7 mm
  • Neoprene: Japanese limestone nanoprene, and a smooth yet textured outer layer on the back of the hand
  • Lining: High-pile Celliant Black, which not only retains heat but actually generates it too
  • Seam Construction: Externally applied Taitex, fully sealing the glued & blindstitched seams
  • Drylock Wrist Seals: Tapered entry means a better fit and more secure seal
  • Grip Palms: Xcel detailing, embossed in liquid neoprene
  • Rough Temperature Guide: 4–10 °C

    Size Guide

    Hand Length: Measure from the top of the middle finger to the base of the palm.

    Palm Width: Measure the circumference of the palm, not including the thumb.

    Size Hand Length CM Palm Width
    XXS 15.2 - 17.8 15.2 - 17.8
    XS 16.5 - 19.1 16.5 - 19.1
    S 17.8 - 20.3 17.8 - 20.3
    M 19.1 - 21.6 19.1 - 21.6
    L 20.3 - 22.9 20.3 - 22.9
    XL 21.6 - 22.9 21.6 - 24.1
    2XL 22.9 - 24.1 22.9 - 25.4