Sola 'The Wedge' 42" Bodyboard

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If you are looking for a strong bodyboard under £80, the Sola Wedge fits the bill. A tough and buoyant Arcel core and double stringers will help the Wedge board to last even the gnarliest of sessions!

A cut above your average cheaper boards, this higher spec board will bridge that gap if you're looking to move beyond the beginner stage and take on some bigger waves! 


  • Arcel¬†Core
  • Double¬†Stringer
  • Double rails
  • HDPE slick
  • Channels


  • Navy Blue Deck / Yellow¬†Slick¬†
  • Black Deck / Black slick - Green pinline
  • Black Deck / Black slick - Pink inline


  • 42 Inch only