Osprey 42" Shatter Bodyboard Yellow

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The Yellow Shatter's 42" Bodyboard is the perfect board for those starting out and wanting to progress their bodyboarding technique. The classic crescent tail shape is an excellent choice for those new to the sport as it offers great control and stability in the water. The underside provides additional assistance in the form of channels or grooves that enables you to grip the water whilst providing a smoother ride.

The strong, water resistant EPS core provides rock-solid durability so you can have total peace of mind should your board take a knock. The XPE deck adds to this durability by utilising closed structure technology as well offering great cushioning for those long-bodyboarding sessions. Let's not forget the Yellow Shatter's contemporary board design that is sure to turn heads every time you take it down to the beach.

The Yellow Shatter's 42" length is excellent for riders who need the extra space. It provides plenty of space for you to ride comfortably and perform at your best during every bodyboard session. Including the all-important leash and leash plug, this board provides you with all the features you need to get out and into the waves.


  • SHATTER BODYBOARD: our bodyboard is designed for surfing and wave riding to give you the time of your life whilst catching the waves on a hot summers day!
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS: our boards are made from durable and superior materials for maximum stability and durability. This boogie board is covered with XPE deck for excellent impact resistance
  • DESIGN: the curved design helps to provide better grip and hold, making our bodyboarders safer in the deep ocean features lightweight EPS core, so the board has exceptional buoyancy for better body movement
  • SAFETY FEATURES: features an adjustable wrist leash to enhance safety and comfort during surfing. It will help to improve control and stability over the bodyboard
  • 42INCH BOARD: ideal for beginners and intermediate bodyboarders, making this an ideal gift for watersports enthusiast. Suitable for kids and adults