Origin Womens 5mm Wetsuit Black

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Size Guide

When sizing a suit for yourself, if you are at the 'top end' of a size measurement, then we would recommend going up a size to be sure of a better fit.

Osprey Womens Wetsuit Sizing (Guide only)
Size Height cm (ft/in ") Chest cm (in ")
XS - Extra Small 155 to 160cm (5'1" - 5' 3") 81cm (32in)
S - Small 160 to 165cm (5'3" - 5'5") 86cm (34")
ST - Small Long (Tall) 165 to 170cm (5'5" - 5'7") 86cm (34")
M - Medium 165 to 170cm (5'5" - 5'7") 90cm (35.5")
MT - Medium Long (Tall) 170 to 175cm (5'7" - 5'9") 90cm (35.5")
L - Large 170 to 175cm (5'7" - 5'9") 91-94cm (36-37")
LT - Large Long (Tall) 175 to 180cm (5'9" - 5'11") 91-94cm (36-37")
XL - Extra Large 175 to 180cm (5'9" - 5'11") 96-102cm (38-40")


The Osprey Origin Women’s 5mm winter version uses the same great cut and design as other popular Osprey summer wetsuits making it perfect for all water sports and adventures including surfing, kayaking, wakeboarding and kite surfing.

This Osprey Origin Women’s 5/4mm winter wetsuit has fresh blue accents adding colour to the classic black design. A 5/4mm wetsuit means the Osprey Origin has panels of 5mm thick warm insulating rubber, with 4mm panels under the arms, where you need more flexibility and stretch for paddling and surfing. A 5mm full length wetsuit is the standard thickness for an autumn and winter wetsuit in the UK and Ireland, and Europe.

The Osprey Origin 5/4mm Ladies Wetsuit is Osprey’s entry level winter wetsuit for women. This wetsuit is a great value option for when you are surfing later into the year and making the most of quiet times at your favourite surf spots.

Features include

  • Glued & Blind Stitched Seam Construction
  • 5/4mm Ultraflex Neoprene - ideal if you need something warmer that a standard 3/2mm.
  • Waterproof Chest & Back - gives you added protection from the wind.
  • Ergonomic Panelling
  • Superstretch Collar - for a better, comfortable fit.
  • Supratex Knee Pads - for extra durability.
  • Key Loop - inside back zip.