Osprey Men's Zero 3mm Wetsuit Blue

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The Osprey Men's Zero Wetsuit sets a new standard for entry level wetsuits. Part of the 'Zero' range, this stylish 3/2mm full length wetsuit has been created with beginner and intermediate surfers in mind. Combining comfort, warmth and supreme flexibility the Zero Wetsuit is great for all different kinds of water sports and activities. With insulating 3mm fine mesh foam surrounding the chest, 2mm super stretch foam surrounding the sleeves, shoulders and lower legs; the Zero delivers comprehensive wind and chill resistance.

  • 3mm neoprene insulation across chest
  • 2mm super stretch neoprene on arms & legs
  • Thermal insulation for cool water
  • Suprate knee pads for protection & comfort
  • Super stretch collar & anti-rub openings for convenience & comfort
  • Back zip and handy key loop

Secured together with durable flatlock seams, the 3/2mm Zero is great for warmer water temperatures of the summer months across UK coasts. The 3mm Supratex knee pads provides further protection from the harsh elements whilst still allowing you to maintain flexibility while out on the water.

Featuring a stylish blue, grey and black minimalistic design, anti-rub openings, super stretch collar and durable zip closure at the back, the Zero is packed with many features you would expect to find on a more expensive suit.

  • INCREASED MOVEMENT FOR SUMMER SURFING thanks to the 3 mm neoprene on the body and 2 mm under the arms
  • SUPER STRETCH FABRIC MATERIAL has flatlock seams for full flexibility, comfort and insulation
  • PREVENT CHAFING AND WATER FLUSHING with the stretch collar and comfortable anti rub openings
  • RUBBERISED SUPRATEX KNEE PADS protect your knees on rocky surfaces and provide extra comfort
  • WIND RESISTANT MESH PANELLING on chest and back provide even more protection from the elements


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