Cortez Prism Fugitive Surfboard 7ft 6 - Grey

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The Cortez Prism Fugitive surfboard is a prime example of a classic mini mal. It features a flat rocker and full nose, ensuring a stable and effortless ride. Whether you're a beginner looking to master the basics or a seasoned surfer seeking to conquer smaller, weaker waves, this board is perfect for you.

Made with a high-quality stringerless EPS Foam Core and laminated with epoxy resin, this surfboard boasts exceptional durability and a lively feel. In addition, carbon strips replace the traditional wooden stringer to create a fast and responsive flex pattern that will endure for the lifetime of the board. This lightweight and resilient EPS/Epoxy surfboard will maintain its "new board feel" for years to come.

The Cortez Prism Fugitive is an excellent rendition of the classic mini mal design, offering easy paddling, wave-catching, and surfing. Its ample sweet spot provides forgiveness for novice riders, while the pulled-down rails and aggressive rocker make for smooth turns. Designed for



  • Length - 7'6"
  • Width - 22"
  • Thickness - 2.875"
  • Litres - 57.25


  • The Cortez Fugitive surfboard 7ft 6
  • Ability: Beginner/Intermediate
  • Volume: 57.25 litres
  • Rider: Up to 100kg
  • Conditions: From knee to head high waves
  • Construction: Three Phase Epoxy
  • Dimensions: 7ft 6 x 22 x 2.875
  • Fin System: FCS 3 Fin
  • Fins included: FCS 3 Fin Set
  • Colour: Grey