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Circle One 50" EPS Epoxy Skimboard

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These skimboards offer a fun and lightweight skimboard in a great value package.  These boards will skim brilliantly over sand in the shallows but unlike the wooden skimboard range they have added volume to get you skimming out to waves, and riding them.

Circle One Skimboards are perfectly constructed individually and hand finished to give a high strength to weight ratio, essential for a strong, durable and fast board. The Epoxy Fibreglass range are well suited to the skimboarder making the progression from a wooden skimboard and into the world of wave riding and tricks and beyond.

Beginners will love to learn the basics of skimboarding on a floaty and forgiving board, intermediates will progress quicker into deeper water and experts can try their tricks on waves on this lightweight but strong skimboard.

The 50 inch length is the middle size in the range, so a perfect balance between stability and speed in length, plus lightness and manoeuvrability. Great for larger adults wanting a smaller board for doing nippy tricks on, or smaller adults starting out in the sport. For this reason it is probably our most popular length.


    Choosing the Right Skimboard

    Choosing the right size skimboard can depend on a number of factors: weight, height, physical rider characteristics, experience level and whether you want to mainly pull tricks or ride a wave. The general rule is you need enough flotation to hold your weight and get you out to the deeper water of the shore break. 

    We have put together a Skimboard Size Grid (below) which will help you choose the right board.