Surf State

30" Kids Wooden Skimboard

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Surf State 30 inch Skimboards feature a rough oval shape, ideal for carving up the white water and skim.

Skimboarding is a board sport like surfing, but it also combines some elements of skateboarding. A skimboard is a shorter, rounder surfboard without fins that you drop onto the thin wash of waves and jump on to get out to the regular waves as a surfer does, or perform tricks like ollies that skateboarders will recognise.

With a 7 ply wooden construction the skimboard is durable and offers plenty of flex for tricks. Skimboards were previously used by lifeguards as an easy way to get from one end of the beach to the other in a hurry. However over the years it has become much more prominent as an action sport.

  • Size: 75cm x 44cm
  • Solid 7 Ply Wood construction
  • Perform Tricks in the waves like a skateboarder
  • Slide long distances along the shoreline