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Our Pyzel boards are made to order, to your desired spec. Wait time is approx 4 weeks, but hey, a blade like this is worth waiting for! 

Standard price shown is for a PU construction with a clear, sanded finish. For colour options and costs, drop us a message on our live chat below.. 

After extensive team “testing” by Jai Glindeman, also known as having a great time surfing the crap outta them, we are happy to announce the release of our 3rd addition to the Velocity Project series, the Precious. The step-railed, concave-decked Precious came about when a friend asked me for a one board quiver that he could take around the world and have a good surf on. “One board to rule them all” was the call and thus the name Precious came about (Lord of the Rings nerds will get this, everyone else just don’t worry about it).

The Precious is based it off of the Gremlin, since that board is so fast, versatile and fun, but we wanted it to be sleeker, more towards a performance feel with less width and less chunky rails. In order to do that, and still keep a fair bit of volume in the board, we decided to make it a step-deck. This allowed us to keep some foam in the overall board, but let it have a sensitive, high performance rail at the same time.

When creating the step-deck it also makes the deck concave, which adds stability and more sensitivity to the design, and it seems to give you a little extra boost of paddle power as a side benefit. Using the Gremlin DNA, it’s a step down with flatter entry rocker, and subtle curve through the tail making for easy acceleration, speed and quick, responsive turning.

The outline is narrower and more pulled in than the Gremlin, but it still carries speed through slower, weaker sections, allowing improved flow and effortless glide. The single/double concave bottom gives lift and drive without ever feeling sticky in rail-to-rail transitions, and the ample V running of the wide tailblock let it tip onto it’s rail with ease, even at higher speeds.

The Precious is an easy paddler that gets up and goes fast, and still has a snappy, drivey, high-performance feel to get you the most out of every kind of wave. It’s recommended you ride your Precious anywhere a few inches above OR below your height based on your surfing ability, add a ½” to 1″ of width and order based off the volume, not the thickness because the concave deck makes the boards sound thin but they have more volume.

Ride it as a tri-fin, quad, or even 2+1 and have a blast!  

    • Ride waves from waist to over head high


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