Bodyboards & Skimboards

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Bodyboarding, commonly known as Boogieboarding, was named after the "Boogie Board" created by Tom Morey in 1971. The typical bodyboard is a small, rectangular piece of hydrodynamic foam. To enhance their riding experience on a breaking wave, bodyboarders often wear swim fins for added propulsion and control.

Skimboarding, a popular boardsport, involves using a skimboard to glide across the water's surface and ride incoming waves back to shore. Skimboarders perform various surface and air maneuvers, such as "wraps", "big spins", "360 shove-its", and "180s", throughout their ride. Unlike surfing, skimboarding starts on the beach by dropping the board onto the wash of previous waves and using momentum to reach breaking waves. From there, riders catch the waves back to shore in a manner similar to surfing.