Traction Pads

When riding a surfboard, it is essential to have a tail pad for added grip and style. These pads, applied to the deck of the board, come with a sticky adhesive for easy placement. The raised kick provides support for the back foot and serves as a reference point. With a length of about forty centimetres and a width of thirty cm, these pads offer more grip compared to traditional wax.

They are best applied to a clean, wax-free board at room temperature. Made from high density EVA non-slip foam, the pads come in various colours and designs, allowing riders to customize their boards to their liking.

With surfing becoming increasingly aggressive, tail pads have become a popular tool for generating speed and executing tight turns and aerials. Professional surfers such as Mick Fanning and Andy Irons rely on their tail pads to perform impressive manoeuvers on the wave face.

At Bob Gnarly Surf, our tail pad range offers a variety of options, so surfers can choose the perfect pad for their board.