Wetsuit Boots

Wetsuit boots have come a long way, providing surfers all over the world with various styles and thickness options. Not only do neoprene boots keep your feet warm in the cold ocean waters, but they also offer grip and protection from sharp rocks.

These high-quality boots are meticulously crafted with glued and blind-stitched seams for added warmth, available in 3mm, 5mm, and 7mm thicknesses. The latest addition to the market features both round and split-toe variations for the ultimate comfort and warmth. Interestingly, wetsuit boots originated from wetsuit socks, using off-cuts to keep feet warm in colder sea temperatures, allowing riders to surf for longer periods.

Now, with advancements in technology, neoprene boots have become even more comfortable with fluid seams and ultra-stretch material, making them an essential part of any surfer's equipment. So for added traction on your board and protection from rocks and reefs, look no further than our extensive range of boots here at Bob Gnarly Surf.