Next Dancer EPS Surfboard Teal

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  • 5'11" | 19 3/4" | 2 7/16" | 29.4L
  • 6'1" | 20 1/4" | 2 1/2" | 31.4L
  • 6'3" | 20 3/4" | 2 3/4" | 34.0L
  • 6'5" | 21 1/4" | 2 7/8" | 38.0L


  • Fuller outline
  • Performance rocker
  • Single to double concave
  • Squash
  • Ride 1 inch shorter than your regular board
  • 5 Fins
  • Tail: Wide Squash
  • Fins: 5 Fin Futures
  • Fins Included: Yes

This model is one of our fastest boards. It has a deep single to double concave giving the board lots of lift and acceleration and while it has a full outline helping it paddle well it also has medium entry and exit rocker for tighter turns and release in the tail.

It will help you progress your style to more aggressive vertical surfing and will hold when more pressure is applied to the rails in deep bottom turns for lots of drive of the bottom of the wave.

It is an easy board to surf but will suit a more advanced surfer or an intermediate looking to progress.

A board suitable to wide range of waves to onshore beach breaks to points and reefs. Suitable for chest to overhead waves in a range of conditions


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