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EQ Seals Balance Pro earplugs, developed by specialist ENT surgeons, work like an artificial eardrum in order to prevent ear disease (in particular, surfer's ear and ear infections) in people who take part in water or outdoor activities, while making sure they can still hear and keep their balance.

Developed by placing the athlete at the heart of the design, Seals Balance Pro earplugs guarantee the prevention of disease, protection, waterproofing, comfort, sound quality and breathability for the ear. Seals Balance Pro protect from wind, water, cold, and maintain hearing performance.

With their unique, innovative design, Seals Balance Pro are made of 2 elements: a membrane holder and a Sympatex membrane. The membrane holder, formed of a fin and a cup, is placed behind the first bend in the ear canal, ensuring a comfortable, waterproof hold.

Once in place, you'll completely forget that your EQ Seals are there. No more feeling like your ears are blocked or compressed. The membrane holder is made from next-gen medical silicone. It's hypoallergenic, hydrophobic, and resistant to chlorine, salt water and temperatures from -10°C to 60°C. The waterproof, breathable Sympatex membrane makes sure athletes can still hear and keep their balance, while ensuring optimal protection for the inner ear.


  • 100% waterproof, 100% windproof, optimal breathability,
  • 300% elasticity, extreme mechanical resistance (abrasion, tearing and pressure), optimal density, micropore-free, proven durability, functional barrier,
  • bacteria-proof (protocol 02/08/1989): ATCC11229 and ATCC26923, virus-proof (protocol No 933393-1): Hepatitis B and C, and HIV according to ASTM ES22.
  • An ergonomic bar keeps the device in place in complete safety and comfort.


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