Bob's Beginner Surfboard Size Guide

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Are you buying your first surfboard?

Please use our chart below as a rough guide for helping you choose a beginner surfboard.

Please also remember there is no definitive right size board for you, there are so many variables involved around the individual surfer, wave conditions, and time spent in the water that, so what we aim to do is get you as close as possible to the board that will maximise your surfing enjoyment. 

Beginner surfers should always get a surfboard with an above-average paddling/flotation ratio. Super stable surfboards are easier to paddle, get in the waves faster, and are more forgiving when the pop-up moment arrives.

Remember that the best surfboard is the surfboard that you enjoy riding the most. 

What is a Foamie?

Foam Surfboards are surf boards made from high density foam with a slick plastic base. They are stable, forgiving to surf and perfect for beginner surfers or surfers looking for a lower price board for a bit of fun.

For Kids

Our top sellers for kids are the Happy Surf Co 7’ boards. Happy Surf Co surfboards are 'foamies' and are perfect for kids and adults to learn to surf. Foamies are so much fun and you'll often find more advanced surfers will keep a foamie in their quiver for summer fun sessions.

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Happy Surf Co boards come with fins and a leash. The board arrives with you ready to surf. All you need is some softboard wax. On the subject of waxing a softboard, you’ll read that you don’t need to, believe us you do, it makes the board much easier to surf.

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How much should I spend?

The price varies between different brands and models largely due to the quality of construction and the materials used.

As with all things, buy cheap - buy twice!

Beware of £50-£100 foamies on ebay and other sites, they’re £50 for a reason, they’ll last a couple of surfs and then crease or fold and become unusable and unwelcome landfill. Cheap boards through their inferior construction will flex too much. When this happens the board loses speed (speed is key to riding waves), the faster you go the easier it is. The better boards that we offer are guaranteed to work in UK conditions and help you enjoy your surfing. Spend what you can afford balanced out with how often the board will be used. If its for two weeks in the summer you don’t need to spend as much as if the board is going to used a lot more often.


For Adults

Should I get a foamie?

Depending on budget and how often you're going to surf a foamie/softboard may well be the right choice.

The foamies you may see in surf schools are thicker and heavier than the boards we sell because they are built to endure the rigours of a 6 month summer season on the beach and being used and abused 20 times a day.

These surf school boards are really designed for the very basics of getting to your feet in the white water and surfing in a straight line heading for the beach.

The foam boards we sell at Bob Gnarly Surf Shop are lighter in weight and a more refined shape but still perfectly suited to the absolute novice or the occasional thrill seeker.

Most adults up to 75 kgs are fine on a 7'0 foamie, above that an 8'0 foamie will do the job.

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