Xcel 4/3 Infiniti LTD Mens Wetsuit Black

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Reflected Internal Heat Distribution

The infiniti ltd combines the best of the infiniti series with xcel’s newest technologies: channel flex and radiant rebound. This latest advancement utilizes a metal lining under the textile that blocks cold temperatures from penetrating the outer layer and reflects heat generated within the wetsuit back towards the body, keeping you in a constant state of warmth.

  • Channel flex – weightless, unrestricted stretch
  • Radiant rebound – weightless, unrestricted stretch
  • Nanoprene lite japanese limestone – lighter, softer, warmer
  • Glide skin collar – prevents flushing
  • Semi-dry zipper – magnetic closure
  • Engineered fit system – fits like a second skin
  • Back knee flex grooves – prevents bunching
  • Fusionx tape – heat-pressure bonded seam protection
  • Nexskin wrist seal – minimizes flushing
  • Water based glue