TWF XPE 42" Bodyboard

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Progress and maximise your time spent in the surf with the TWF XPE 42". Lightweight and durable thanks to the XPE Deck and EPS Core, this board is perfect for beginners and a rider looking to progress.

The 42" TWF XPE also utilises a HDPE slick to further enhance the performance characteristics of the board. In addition to providing additional strength to the bodyboard it also gives you a resistance free riding surface to enhance speed and manoeuvrability on the wave.

This coupled with the crescent tail helps to deliver a dynamic ride on the waves. The TWF 42" XPE comes complete with a ready fitted leash plug and coiled wrist leash.

Slick coloured bottom with bold graphics. This is a standard adult board which provides fun on the water at a great price.

Bodyboard Size Guide (approx)

  • 33" length is a good size for younger kids and small teens.
  • 37" length is good for younger teens and smaller adults
  • 42" length is the size to choose for older teens and adults.


  • High density EPS core
  • Closed cell EVA skin
  • Crescent tail
  • Channelled bottom deck
  • Double rails
  • HDPE Slick bottom
  • Webbing leash included
  • Bottom graphic