Slick XPE Bodyboards

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Ride the waves with the XPE Bodyboards from Yello. Perfect for beginners and available in two sizes - 33" and 41". Two design and colour options in each size.

Adults, teens and kids love boogie boarding at the beach and the XPE Bodyboards are the perfect addition to your wave riding collection.

The bodyboards come with a wrist leash to ensure you never lose your board during a wipe out! XPE designed with shock absorbing polyethylene material and smooth finish to glide across the ocean waves.
  • Durable and sturdy design to jump on the waves and ride all summer long. 
  • 33" length is the perfect size for younger teenagers and smaller adults. 
  • 41" length is the size to choose for older teens and adults.
  • Jump on your Yello Slick Board and ride the waves in style!

  • IXPE Deck
  • HDPE Slick
  • EPS Core
  • Includes Wrist Leash