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Ocean & Earth Micro Kids Surfboard Tail Pad โ€“ Black Aqua

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One for the young shredders! Grom sized tail pad.

  • Length: 290mm
  • Width: 280mm
  • Arch: 7mm
  • Kick: 25mm

    PLASTIC FREE PACKAGING โ€“ Another step in the right direction to help eliminate single-use plastic. All tail pads come with plastic-free packaging. Not only is better for the environment but if you go into a core surf store you can actually get a true feel of all the important features you need in a tail pad

    LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN โ€“ The thinnest base available, without compromising strength or adhesion. Added perforation on some styles reduce weight even more.

    WATERPROOF EVA โ€“ Developed to improve all-round performance in our technical grips. CC55 Closed Cell EVA is lighter, waterproof and super thin.

    KICK FLEX โ€“ If a board has a rolled deck, the Kick Flex insert on the tail kick helps the grip mould to the same shape as the board (solid kicks only).

    3M SUPERIOR ADHESIVE BACKING โ€“ High-grade adhesive formula, developed for EVA offers maximum, long-lasting adhesion.

    POWER KICK โ€“ High-density EVA foam wedge inserted into the tail kick resulting in increased control and drive.

    BASE FLEX โ€“ Base Flex groove at the base of the tail kick helps the grip mould to the board for superior adhesion.