NSP 9’1 CSE Pro-9 Performance Longboard Surfboard

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The NSP Pro-9 is designed by Carl Schaper as a performance longboard, and it is Bonga Perkins’ favourite all-around board. For over 20 years now, former 2-time World Champion Bonga has been riding slight variations of this shape. The most significant improvement is in the Pro-9’s nose riding capability.

6 mm wood stringer
4 x FTU fin boxes
Surf 10 centre fin box
Carbon-reinforced tail
Carbon stringer

Length Width Thickness Volume Weight /- 5%
9’1″ 22″ 2.75″ 62.9 L 5.60


The NSP Pro-9 is a longboard with as much shortboard crammed into it as possible. Carl Schaper will often point out the back-third of the board, as it fits almost perfectly on his 6’2 step up, with the same thickness, tail dimensions and rails. The bottom has a soft roll to V in the middle, running into V with a double concave in the tail.

The NSP Pro-9, designed as a single fin or quad fin set-up, is a low-volume, extremely high-performance longboard, capable of doing it all with tons of manoeuvring and solid nose-riding!

Built with custom surf epoxy lay-up with a clear UV-stable resin and satin rub finish and combined with a CNC-cut EPS core, laminated with full 6 4oz deck and 6oz bottom, a 4oz patch, a 6mm wood stringer, bottom carbon stringer and carbon-reinforced tail, giving you a durable longboard with great flex and performance, that feels light and responsive.



The Pro-9 comes in a 4 1 fin configuration enabling you to be creative in your setup as a quad or thruster. NSP positioned the Surf 10 fin box slightly further back, to make it available for a thruster setup.

The Pro-9 comes with FTU fin boxes, making it compatible with Futures Fins
(fins not included).