Next New Joy EPS Surfboard Teal

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  • 5/8" | 20 1/2" | 2 1/2" | 29.6L
  • 5'11" | 21 1/4" | 2 5/8" | 29.4
  • 6'2" | 22" | 2 3/4" | 37.7L


  • Wide outline
  • Very low rocker
  • V nose to Single to double concave with V
  • Tri/Quad fin option
  • Ride 6-8‚Ä≥ shorter and the same volume as your favourite board
  • Tail: Wide¬†Swallow
  • Fins: Quad Futures
  • Fins Included: Yes

This board is all about drive and speed and will suit surfers looking to go fast down the line in small to medium size waves.

It has a wide nose right under the shoulders and low entry rocker, so it is super easy to catch waves.

The underneath of the board starts with a V going to single concave through the middle and double concave under the fins.

This enables the board to switch from rail to rail quickly and has lots of lift and drive complimenting the quad fin set up and wide swallow tail.

It will fly over flat sections but still pivot off the swallow tail for tight turns.

Suitable for all abilities in lots of wave types it is aboard with a split personality, fast cruisy when you want to style it out but quick and nimble if the mood and waves allow. Suitable for chest to slightly over head.