Multi Function T-Shape Skate Tool

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The Osprey Skate Tool is perfect for customising your board’s trucks, wheels and other hardware. It comes with three sockets for easy adjustment, assembly and disassembly of skateboard components including a 1/2in socket for wheels, a 3/8in socket for hardware for other hardware like bolts and a 9/16 socket for trucks.

Included with the skateboard tool is an additional Allen key with a Philips screwdriver attachment at one end perfect for adjusting bolts, making the tool a versatile and essential piece of kit for any skater.

  • This multi-use skate tool is perfect for customising your skateboard - works with all standard skateboards.
  • ‘T-shape’ which fits into most pockets.
  • 1/2in socket for wheels, 3/8in socket for hardware like bolts, 9/16 socket for trucks.
  • Includes allen key with integrated Phillips screwdriver attachment.
  • Weight = 0.10kg - lightweight for on the go changes to your board.