Meteor Freestyle Stunt Kite

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The Meteor Freestyle Stunt Kite hurtles through the air like its heavier, rockier namesake, but unlike an actual meteor, it can be controlled and manoeuvred in flight with incredible ease, it also won’t leave a huge impact crater when it returns to earth! However its red geometric graphics will make a stunning visual impact!

Featuring durable ripstop nylon construction offering a wind resistance of 2-6 BFT, stretched over sturdy 4mm fibreglass poles for increased aerodynamic capabilities, children and adults will be able to perform all manner of insane and gravity defying stunts with the Meteor.

Easy to assemble so kids can get out and get into the flying action right away, kids and adults will love spending time on a summer’s day in the park riding thermals and performing stunning aerial manoeuvres with the Toyrific Meteor Freestyle stunt Kite.

  • Dimensions 60 x 136cm
  • Wind Speed: 13-38km/h
  • Stunt Kite made out of hardwearing rip-stop nylon
  • Lightweight and durable 4mm fibreglass poles
  • Fly Line: 2 x 25m/35 kg
  • Comes with handy material carry bag