Lay-Z Spa Pillow Twin Pack

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Add another level of comfort in your Lay-Z Spa with this twin pack of padded head rests. Designed to fit most Lay-Z Spa's, Miami, Palm springs, Premium, Paris, Vegas, etc. (except Monaco).

The Spa Pillows allow you to fully relax all of your muscles without worrying about keeping your head above water. The Spa Pillows are 100% waterproof and super easy to clean down, simply wipe down with a warm cloth.

A simple accessory that enables you to have an even finer and luxurious spa experience.

These have also been tested on Intex PureSpa, and fit just fine.


  • Add another level of relaxation with these great padded head rests.
  • Made from PU foam and is 100% waterproof and chemical resistant!
  • Simple place over the sides and sit back... no more neck aches!