Kids Camo Quad Skates

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The Osprey Quad Roller Skates in Green Camo will be the coolest skates in the park. Kids will be itching to put these fabulous skates on and wrapped in camo they won’t want to take them off! Comfort is key, and that’s why these quad skates include easy slide adjustable straps which are easy to put on and take off and stay secure while being worn.

They also feature a quick locking system so they can be adjusted as a child’s feet grow. The padded boot liners with high-rise ankle support help to prevent injury and make beginners feel more comfortable as they learn.

In addition to comfort and support, these skates feature a durable chassis that’s made to handle any jarring shocks or tumbles, durable 54 x 32mm PVC printed wheels, smooth 608z bearings and a PU front stopper brake for control and quick braking. Available in sizes small (10-12 UK child), medium (13-3 UK) and large (3-5 UK adult)


  • SECURE AND STABLE QUAD SKATES FOR LEARNING: Thanks to their strong, durable chassis and ease-to-secure, safe-lock straps (more secure than Velcro or laces)
  • ADJUSTABLE SIZING: lets you find the perfect fit, even as your kid grows (fits standard UK child shoe sizes)
  • SUPPORTIVE PADDED LINER: Provides ultra-comfort for your feet and helps prevent ankle injuries
  • STRONG PVC WHEELS WITH 608Z BEARINGS: Are long lasting and help improve stability whilst offering a smooth ride
  • FRONT STOPPER BRAKE: Lets you stay in control at all times and brake quickly; ideal for beginner and intermediate roller skaters