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Kids Bodyboards with Wrist Strap

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Surf State beginners and kids bodyboards are designed for performance no matter what your surfing ability. Whether you’re looking to take your first tentative steps into wave riding to gain confidence in the water before attempting the transition to stand up surfing, or you are a seasoned salt water veteran looking for a new challenge then we have a range of body boards to suit all styles and abilities.

All Surf State body boards are made from high quality materials


  • Made from covered EPS. 
  • Also features a detachable strap which can be worn around the wrist or ankle.
  • Only to be used under adult supervision.
For beginners a bodyboard with an EPS core is sufficient.  It is the most common feature on entry level or beginner bodyboards. This stiff but lightweight foam provides the ideal platform for diving onto broken waves and riding them to the beach. Offering enough buoyancy is a reasonably flexible – enough for children and beginners.  

Size Guide
  • 33" Boards are great for younger kids up to approx 10-11 years
  • 37" Boards are about right for young teenagers
  • 41" Boards are for older teens and adults